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Locations in Regina, Saskatoon ... and NOW Calgary!

We service national clients from the heart of CANADA!


With more than 200 years of combined experience you can count on our team.

What differentiates our company is our team. We have several team members that have been working in the Large Format print industry since its inception. Trained people who care about people make for a good business.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission: Print professionals embracing kaizen philosophies while earning the trust of our clients.

Our Vision: To become the top regional large format production house servicing national customers, while supporting the growth and success of career minded print professionals. 

Our History

Over the last 15+ years Sleek has grown from a double car garage to a national supplier of Large Format printing.  We have invested heavily in our equipment, facilities and most importantly our people.  Our company has had the privilege of working with some of the most iconic brands in the world and has been trusted with national campaigns shipping coast to coast.  Our focus on process has allowed us to respond quickly and accurately to short timelines.  That same process has allowed us to secure long‐term relationships with our clients through excellent communication, consistent execution and competitive pricing. 

When you work with Sleek you work with professional career minded people who value long term relationships and understand the importance of trust. We will earn that trust.

Our team of
​Senior Leaders

We know that people work with people not companies and our people are some of the best people we know. We are pleased to showcase some of our most experienced team members.

Paul Gebert

Director of Client Services

30+ years experience

Jonathon Gareh

Operations Manager

20+ years experience

Travis Carlson

Production Manager

20+ years experience

Michelle Shoebridge

Account Executive

20+ years experience

Kevin Mallard

Assistant Production Manager

20+ years experience

Jason Trudeau

General Manager - Calgary

15+ years experience

Mackenzie Shultz

Installation Manger

10+ years experience

Jenn Aimoto

Account Executive / Sales

20+ years experience

Carl Weger - President / CEO

I am very proud of the amazing team we have assembled to service the incredible customers who trust us with their business. My role is to tell that story and earn those opportunities with new clients and staff.