Anyone can buy a printer ... But can they keep a customer?

We are good at what others are bad at. How do we know they're bad at it... Our new customers tell us. Take a look at how we approach things differently.

and we approach it from different locations being the only Large Format company in Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary ... well in 2023 at least! EXCITED!

We learn and grow

3M GOLD Platinum!

We are proud to have a shop, systems and processes at a standard high enough to command 3M's prestigious Platinum status, the highest level of acclaim with 3M Graphics.

PIT baby!

We have trained installers that quality for 3M's MCS warranty. This means that when you have a wrap from sleek not only will it look good but it will continue looking good.

Your friends say a lot...

We have been highly involved in the signage industry and are a proud member of the Sign Association. SLEEK's President/CEO is the Past Provincial and SAC/ACE National President. 

International insights

The ISA provides great learning opportunities for our sales, managerial production and installation staff. Our team has undertaken accredited learning and participate in webinar/tradeshows to help build our expertise

Global domination

SLEEK is Canada's only member of GIGA a international print consortium that shares best practices, education, collaboration and is a leading force in technology development and research.

LEAN in!

KAIZEN (continuous improvement) is a core principle of SLEEK and CME not only helps to training our team, we also are part of Saskatchewan LEAN consortium learning and sharing ideas with some of Saskatchewan's largest manufacturers.