Sleek 2.0
  • Consistency, Capacity and Redundancy...and BIG!

    We Print BIG!

    ​Take a look at what made SLEEK one of Western Canada's highest volume large format printers... We've done some BIG things over the years! 

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    1 (833) 359-7709

    Yes we still answer the phone!

    But let's be honest emails is best...
  • Why are we so special?

    Hint... it's not because our moms say we are. It's because we do things different and different is good!
  • We are growing... from 250 sq' to 25,000 sq' 

    We stick BIG!

    Take a look at 15+ years of projects 

    that helped us grow from a double car garage to a professional print house and one of Western Canada's highest volume shops, shipping Nationwide

    Regina, Saskatoon & CALGARY 2023

    1 (833) 359-7709

    Yes we still answer the phone!

    But let's be honest emails is best...


We are not an ad agency and have no mood boards or bean bag chairs...BUT our trained designers know how to bring your brand to the REAL world


3 bays, 2x 53' semis and a 1.2 acres fenced compound make SLEEK Fleet ready! 3M PITs and expertise...


You can TRUST we are going to produce what you expect when you expect. At our volumes you need to know your stuff!

What do we do?

We print BIG! at the price quoted, pretty simple strategy. Our customer service team are all designers, our Print team runs around the clock and our install team is the biggest in the province. In short we pick up the balls others drop and earn our clients' trust going forward.

Capacity - We can print more than we could ever need to... but feel free to test us!

Redundancy - Every printer/cutter we have has at least one redundant back up. Why?... because things break and our clients don't care.

Consistency - in house colour profiling, climate control, file back ups and detailed invoices mean we can deliver over and over.